The Art of life


Coffee & Watercolor

    Last night was the largest watercolor class I have ever taught! I couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to experience this with and Steam Coffee & Cream was awesome.  Thank goodness for my amazing helper too. She truly help things roll smoothly and she is an advertising Queen on facebook.

     I always learn something new when I teach, from this class I learn the greatest way to get help is to simply ask for it. Fountain Inn helped share and make this event happen and truly astounded me and the owner of Steam.  Also it is wise to have a small copy of the original for each individual if possible, something I look to offer in the future for sure. nothing is more fun than painting and sharing that experience is my favorite for sure. loves to all and hope to see you soon. -Saija Butters


Arbitrary Art in Owings SC

I am so super stoked to announce that Arbitrary Art is going to have a space to create and play in Owings! Owings is between Fountain Inn and Gray court. most know this tiny little town by its huge Train mural on the old Depot turned feed store on Highway 14. We will be right Behind that huge mural! Both Gray Court and Owing are so rich with history and charm, but with the growth of our neighbor cities they are being past by and forgotten. The majority of our traffic commutes out to work and back home. I hope to be a beacon of life in this area along with Frank's Owings Cafe and the Churches that occupy these historical buildings.


learning to see...

This morning i scribble a stemless water filled wine glass until my little woke and sauntered into the kitchen like a sleepy lion. We sit together and I told him I was drawing what he look like this morning goofy and keeping him in high I drew I notice my method from my imagination looks much like the drawings I can remember on some of the old college rule papers from my elementary school and high school days.  I instantly struggle to remember what a lion actually looks like. Determined I continue. I have been attempting to break down why drawing is so intimidating to some in my watercolor classes and to others a do this I first had to figure out what it is that I myself am trying to accomplish. I rush the imaginary lion and hunt an image of an actual lion... I catch myself in the second attempt being stiff and trying for perfection getting the proportions off but looking again now see that it is only incomplete. I set the pen down. make a new cup of coffee and return. Frustrated again I decide to finish only darkening the lines I see better matching the image in front of me...and scribble until I find the lion I am looking for. I encourage you to scribble today. Scribble what you see, you may surprise yourself.


Brain Power

Good morning,

  seems it is going to be another hot day here in the south, but i wanted to share something with you to try. in the comfort of your AC sometime today draw something. anything at all. could be bubble letters to your name. simply put pen to paper and do it. THEN do the same drawing with your opposite hand. i know what you are thinking. Saija, what the what!? why!?

Brain health is the reason.  Strengthen the connections of thoughts you don't use often. with the brain what you don't use you lose.

bonus challenge: do a drawing daily in this way, date them and see if you improve. 

                                                                      Have a fantastic day. love ya!
                                                                              Saija Butters

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