The Art of life


I am beyond blessed to be able to work with all of these mediums and be alive at a time where so many colors and mediums are readily available. I often wonder how any artist can choose just one to work with. my favorite so far is the watercolor but I go through spurts and crave more than the medium can provide. there is something beautiful to be said of each, watercolor, Acrylic, chalk pastel and mixed media. I still have so many more to discover also. things like cold wax, encaustic and even oil paints. I'm not sure I will ever just settle on one medium....thank goodness I called it Arbitrary!


The kitchen canvas!

while walking downtown Woodruff on our way to, the coolest little coffee shop in the world. None other than Humble Grounds Coffee. One of my dear friends spotted a breakfast nook in a thrift shop window. we, being the ultra most awesome in the world, had to check this place out. i ended up buying the breakfast nook for a whopping 40 bucks. Hey! laugh if you want, but i was feeling quite proud of myself. My art sales bought that nook. Inspired and finally thinking i had a little pause in my art season, I decided to fully tackle the beast that was my hideous, awful, no good,  and badly abused kitchen and create an okay, not so horrible,  perhaps useful, and even pretty kitchen.

I had my work cut out for me. For so long i had despised this space in our home, absolutely nothing about what was supposed to be the heart of our home made me happy. and it shows in the before images. i dreaded cooking or having anything to do with that room. nothing fits or matched it 


From image to Art then shared...

some of the time I struggle while hunting for subject matter. alot of the time I just have to feel like the image speaks to me. kind of like 'oh yes paint me!'. other times is not so much on what I want to paint but how do I get this angle? what do I want to emphasize most, what colors should i use?  if I'm teaching it, i ask myself is this something others would like to paint? And most of all! will it look right? I really should show more of when I've got my head to canvas for the stare down and ' Y U NO do what I want you too!' moments. these moments may look ok to others but a big reason why I paint is getting a since of satisfaction from what I accomplish. If i dont feel as if it meets my own standards im doing myself no favors by sharing it with anyone. would you agree? lately it has  become more stressful and less fun to paint. but nothing brings me more joy than when I can translate what i have learned so far!

Photo from pixbay

The Art Shack!

Studio!!!! ahhh! so excited!

I know its been ages and i apologize but life has a way of grabbing you by the brush and telling you what to do every now and then. not to mention the fact that i believe everyone is so busy they rarely have the time to read a blog post....then, I'm like you nerd! you read blog posts!  i crack myself up sometimes.

so here is the latest and greatest of my life since my last post.  Summer has been busy on the farm. with chickens popping out of bushes everywhere. rabbits breeding like.......rabbits. things growing. not growing as well as i hoped in places but i feel sure i'll recover. i have hosted several classes for watercolor and acrylics and have almost wore myself out with events and loved every minute of it. But my most favorite news to share is that i have a place to work out of!!!! eek!  add all things totally girly here.

Soon after the mini me was born we began working on an old rundown shack on the property. Dad and my Niles replaced a partial wall and some of the floor and put a new tin roof on it. then as i got more excited the progress completely stopped.  We had issues with finding and electrician that would actually show up, but my brother came to the rescue and my Dad completely deserves a superhero cape after seeing me through every step of this project along with Niles. i could not have done this without them. it still is incomplete but i am beyond happy with what i have thus far especially since the majority of building materials was recycled and would have otherwise been thrown in the dumpster. the next step is counter tops, stairs, and a few finishing touches and i have a studio!

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