The Art of life


learning curve

  when you are a maker... no mater what it is that you make. If you don't have it on hand you can't sale it. I know obvious right?!  But like many others I've gotten caught up in the marketing strategies phase.  Trying to be all places at once and share as much of me as I possible can. but truth be told I'm not the best muti tasker. while my online presence has improved my actual work has suffered. I have so many projects running and only one of me to run it all. so much that I'd like to share but my perfectionist side wants it to be just right before I can share it. and with so many platforms to share on it can quickly be overwhelming.  I am the type that will come in waves with my online presence and with my time in the art room. I am working on finding ways to do all of these things a little each day. the art of balance is a hard one. any tips are greatly appreciated!


ewwwww!'s kinda pretty!

Ok so confession time; chalk makes my hands feel all dried out. and deep down I know it will be my last go to as far as mediums are concerned. I must admit I am in love with the vibrant colors and I want to learn more about using them....but I'll be using gloves. Haha!


The More of 2018

   At the first of the year something that everyone thinks on is refection. We raise our glasses to it and hope to become better versions of ourselves in the coming year. If you say you don't...well I think your lying. I was sick and missed the whole romantic fantasy of beginning the new year and new me at the stroke of midnight. As I've gotten older and now have a family to care for as well as a budding business brewing, my ideas of the new year are changing.  Few can do what it is that I do. I have an obligation to share it with the world. Sure there are people who make art, but no one makes my art but me. No one teaches art in quite the same fashion  as myself.  If my overall goal is to leave the world a more beautiful place than I found it. I have some work to do. The biggest issue is knowing what should be shared and how to share it, and for me, consistency is hard. I ride around my life like a roller coaster. all over the place. There is only one of me to do all the things that I want this Me to do.  So for this years big "I'm gonna...".I'm gonna Do more, Be more and all the mores possible and I'm gonna share more of the all the More with you.  Now no one can kiss and hug my little like I can and I owe it to him to give as many of them as possible for as long as he will accept them. Yeah, boys we all know your moms kisses are gross after a while. Have a wonderful weekend. -Cheers


The Art of Balance

perhaps it's the time of year, being the busy holiday season, but a part of me feels like I've been trying to juggle between family and this art journey. It's been difficult to say the least. things are really starting to pick up in my little tiny art world but none of the pressures of home have released. now now, before the finger pointing begins and the advisory committee begin with the how to information over load of whatchauttado, let me announce this overload as the best thing to ever happen to me. on the flip side finding balance is the hardest thing yet.  I have several projects in the works I've had to put on hold, the birds being one. thankfully they don't have a time constraint.   But others do. try as I might I am going to miss my self imposed deadlines on 2 commission pieces. I wanted them finished and out before Christmas. it eats at me. But I have to prioritize... I'm the elf in my house, aka shopper and gift wrapper.  I also try daily to provide a hot meal for my family, do laundry and maintain the household. I need more hours in the day!

The first bird

100 Somethings


After compeleting October's ink drawing challenge, most welknown as Inktober, I felt a since of accomplishment I wanted to regrasp.  I have struggled to come up with a challenge of my own.  So I decided to do some research....I found myself once more inspired by Mr. Jake Parker.  Mr.Parker is a founder of Inktober, the 30 day October ink drawing challenge I mentioned. I am not his number one fan yet but his sound and inspirational advice is quickly winning me over.  His work is more character base and from imagination... think Pixar, where my  own is much more dependent on photo references. (yet another challenge I'd like to tackle) but after stumbling upon his Youtube channel and being mesmerized by his characters, I love his advise to challenge yourself.  To become better and to document your work for the world and yourself to see the progression.  He mentions several amazing challenges one of which is to draw 100 Somethings.  In it he states it can be anything but it must be 100 of them.  I have chosen birds for this challenge.  There are thousands of species so I doubt I will become bored and lose intrest. It has often been said that the more you practice the better you'll become at what you practice. I'm not exactly sure I wanna be the best at birds, but I do want to better my drawing skills.  Now then, where am I going to come up with the time to add yet one more drawing to my day.... I will get up in the morning 20mins earlier and draw a bird as a warm up for my day before I wake anyone else. hope you're ready to see birds on facebook and instagram every morning.  Perhaps by sharing this blog and the work I will feel publicly obligated to complete this challenge with your help.  What are some challenges you participate in? What is the driving force behind those challenges?  How do you Keep yourself motivated to complete them?   I look forward to seeing your answers here on Facebook or Email me. Cheers  - Saija Butters


Art has it's challenges

The craft fair season is starting to slow down and my christmas painters are reading there brushes. Many times when people come into my booth when I do these shows. I hear one consistent thing.... I can't even draw a stick figure. It hasn't always been easy for me I've spent countless hours practicing my skill practicing and learning new tricks, new ways to express even the smallest lines.When people look at the great artists like Van Gogh and Michael Angelo. They forget how much that there is behind the scenes. that they sketched for hours on end and they sold them for dirt cheap just trying to put bread on the table for something that they actually knew how to do. so when i give a class i do my best to give you the short cuts that i have learned the hardest way possible. im a self taught artist. the most art training i had was in elementery and high school by teachers who had a great passion for sharing what they knew. i tried to reinvent the wheel so to speak but i took it ferther on my own. i wanted more. i did my research and still do. i sit down daily to fail. trying to constantly learn as much as i can without putting myself in monsterous debt. in doing this ive noticed that i have managed to skip what i like to call the fluff or the things i dont enjoy and have dug headlong into the things i am most passionate about without restraint. when i meet fellow artist im instantly intrested in their story. in some you can see the spark that their art burns from but in others you have to find it in their work. i hope when you paint with me you can tell that i love painting and even more that i love sharing my selftaught skills with you. - Butters

ps she still has a very bright forehead...


The creative struggle...

Often I find myself floundering in a room wondering what to do. Not bored and with nothing to do, but quite the opposite. my mind tends to wonder around with little to no focus. Bouncing from this to that in a matter of seconds and when, finally, I'm able to get everything in line to do something, I'll fixate unwilling to tear myself from it until its finished, afraid that ill get distracted and never complete what i started. please tell me you do this too!

the craft room spends more time in disary than any other room in the world. although i feel sure most of my fellow crafters and artist are this way i wonder what tip and tricks they use to keep there thoughts in order.

i have been following this amazing podcast called Artist Helping Artist, and these ladies recommend using the device that is always connected to us, our phones, im finding that harder to do than I thought.  I try to stop everything I'm doing just to write down an idea that I have and I find it takes more time to write down the idea then it would to actually find a piece of paper and write it down by hand and put it in my pocket maybe I just need to get to know my new phone better oh and don't even get me started on that walk through the craft store so many ideas bubbling in at one time I can't even focus it's like oh squirrel everywhere how to make this or I could do that and then I forget what in the world have been there for in the first place another thing I find is that I tend to get bored really easy like I can start on something and do it for a while maybe make one or two and then I'm on to the next thing like with the acrylics I got bored and I decided Well let's do the watercolor but now when I try to go back to the acrylics they're not as romantic as I had once made them in my mind and I have to wait until I feel like painting with them it's kind of funny when you think about it

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