The Art of life

Watercolor Hercules beetle, Locaust, and Blue Dasher Dragonfly

The beauty of the bugs

More than once I can think of a time I turned complete ninja over an unseen spiderweb. Then complete tweaker when I felt something crawling on me. Ugh and the loathsome itchy bumps left by a tiny leaf sucker that needs the blood meal to lay her eggs in water, the mosquitoes. or the sting of a fire ant....but wait can you think of a life without the bugs? I mean to really break it down, no bugs. I know, I know.  Most of you are like ... well yeah I can Saija! No creepy Crawlies? I'll miss the butterfly but its a win win! I have to disagree with you...not only would I miss the butterflies but I'd miss the common house fly. The earthworms, Rollie Pollies, Dragonflies, Bees, Muddobber Wasps, Hercules Beetles, and yes even the Ants and the Spiders just to name a few. The diversity of the bug world found in our back yard alone is awe worthy. They have a role to play. a purpose. you can call it part of a devine plan or evolution if you like but to me it is simply the ebb and flow of current life. When something dies, as sad as it may be, it too has a purpose. anything that dies feeds the living. OK Saija, i didnt know you were talking serious.

yeah, yeah,  it happens every now and then. I may not find the earthworm beautiful  but I am here to tell you they're  are worth their weight in gold if you like to eat fresh in season veggies! All that glitters is not gold, that beautiful Butterfly that just landed on you was most likely having a loving feel of your dogs latest turd. Being attracted to putrid smells. If your telling me you haven't ever seen a butterfly on such yucky, you need to get out more. Just sayin. With bugs we have to take the bad and the good. We depend on them, we need them more than they need us. Our roadsides would be unimaginably groquest without our creepy crawly cleanup crew, the Green Bot fly and the ants run this show for sure. Ew how about that mental image? the Honey Bee is in trouble from all sides.  We are killing them in masses with Sevendust and they are being eatten alive by a tick like paracite, that's a third of their own weight called the varroa mite. It is almost impossible to get rid of without killing the bees as well. We need them for mass food production. Without the European Honey Bee we still have some pollinators sure, but them little European buzz ladies make walmart look like its standing still. If art is to convey a message of emotion I can honestly say I am emotional about bugs. All of them. They fascinate me with so much uniqueness, so many colors, shapes and sizes they are beautiful to me.

there isn't anything like listening to the Cicada sing or watching the black and yellow writing spider put up her evening web. A reminder to enjoy the small things in life.

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Portraits.  Why I don't do them...

The biggest reason is stress. If you change one aspect, one tiny little bitty detail of a face even how it's shaded, you change who that person is. Whether it's a boy or girl. how old they are...the list goes on. it's just too difficult to be pleasurable for me. The same goes for when I paint people's animals I don't mind doing it and animals are a little more forgiving than people, but the same is true. If you change one small thing, you change whose dog that is. I can do portraits but for a very steep price. I don't enjoy them so I usually tell people I don't do them. there are some very good artists out there who enjoy doing portraits and will do them for a cheaper price. Most of them work with oil not acrylics like myself.  That isn't to say I don't enjoy drawing people. I very much enjoy the human body and face but I pull that work from imagination.  if you want a Portrait done I recommend going to someone else. as for me I enjoy making my art fun and living a little more outside of the lines. I can take a picture. It's what I can't take a picture of that i want to put to canvas.


What does machining have to do with Art?

  ok, ok. it isn't 'fine Art'...wait that's wrong. It is the finest of any art I've yet to come across. I mean down to the hundred thousandths or smaller of an inch Art. (Haha! come on, you seen what I did there.)  No man on earth can tell me those who work with these amazing types of machines are not Artist. they take useless chunks of matter and sculpt them into useful chunks of matter. Haha! but it is no easy feat. let me just state that I am not a machinest and what I actually know about them is near nothing. still I find them fascinating and can't help asking questions. I've been given the awesome opportunity to operate this particular machine more than once. notice I said operate. In other words, I hit a green button that started a program cycle set by the tool and die maker, who in this case happens to be my brother, then removed the part replaced a raw part and repeat. Over Lunch I was able to ask him questions and learned that much like everything else that requires some effort to learn it has its own language. G code. but this code is only the tip of the iceberg. knowing the language to speak to these machines is all well and good but knowing the machine isn't good enough. what about the tool knowledge? the difference between a pencil and a pen is common knowledge to most everyone but what about the different between the grades of ink and graphite or waterbrushes and acrylic brushes for paint and when and how each should be used. the tools  these machines use are much the same and without the knowledge you easily ruin a tool or worse the part you're trying to create. much is the same on the canvas some paints don't do well together and can ruin your work.  so in short in this Art of life entry I'd like to say that machining is definitely an art and is one that shouldn't be overlooked. these tool and die makers are worth every penny. The knowledge alone is gauk worthy. I have enjoyed the chance to work alongside my brother and see a world I know little about. Thanks Bob for giving me a glimpse onto your canvas and hope to learn more!

later gators - Butterz


Art is everywhere!

    while I wonder around in my life I can't help but notice the way my focus is much like bouncy ball from a gumball machine. But in all this hopping around I have one thing that stays constant... I'm always making. it isn't always painting. Sometimes I find I get more satisfaction from working with other mediums. no I'm not just talking about the fantastic, even magical, things you can find in art stores, but things like making a new mix drink, to marital art then to growing vegetables, and raising farm animals. just to live and live well is an art. An art I'd like to share with all of you! hope you enjoy.

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